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Read below and see what our residents and their family members have to say about their experiences at the Palace Senior Living communities.

Judy Henderson

open quoteThe Palace Gardens has been mutually beneficial to Mom and me for the last 9 years. She receives wonderful care and I no longer worry about her well-being. I can only imagine how hard it must be for other adult children who constantly have to worry about their parents. Here, it seems the caring and competent staff knows Mom better that I do. My advice to everybody caring for a parent at home is: Make the decision to move sooner rather than later. You’ll be glad you did...close quote

- Judy Henderson

Palace Gardens Family Member

Janet & Hector Gonzales

open quoteAfter visiting other Assisted Living Communities in the area, we knew The Palace Gardens would be the perfect place for Mom. In addition to the great care she receives, Mom feels relaxed in the community’s tropical setting which is surrounded by palm trees, beautiful flowers and a magnificent fountain. She always has a smile on her face and she is busy from morning to evening with the many activities the Palace offers… we can’t see her being as happy any place else. This is truly a fabulous place and a wonderful solution for us.close quote

- Janet and Hector Gonzalez

Palace Gardens Family Members

Teresa Reeves

open quoteMy family and I were impressed by the home-like atmosphere of The Palace Gardens. It really feels like home, not just a place where Mom lives. As a caregiver for the past 15 years, it became increasingly difficult to provide her with the care and especially the social stimulation she needs. Now Mom is being cared for in a secure, trust-worthy and affordable community. In these troubling financial times, you cannot find a better value for your money anywhere else. I am so happy I chose The Palace Gardens for Mom’s ‘Home away from Home'.close quote

- Teresa Reeves

Palace Gardens Family Member

Cheryl Diehl

open quoteMy mother-in-law and I were impressed with the variety of activities offered at The Palace Gardens. The outings to the Keys and musical shows are her favorites. The Director of Activities, Alicia, has an incredible personality and does a remarkable job of providing exciting programs for everyone We look forward to getting together for the monthly family dinners, not to mention the outstanding food. Even my own children have become a part of The Palace family. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner...close quote

- Cheryl Diehl

Palace Gardens Family Member

Alicia Gutierrez

open quoteAlthough I was only a couple miles away, I worried about mom living alone. What if she wasn't feeling well? What if she was lonely? Since she moved to The Palace, it has been a complete turnaround. Without the hassles of cooking, landscaping and other home maintenance, mom is now enjoying a social reawakening. Often, I'm unable to reach her until 8 p.m. because she's so busy participating in all the activities. I am so happy we chose The Palace! I wish we would've done it sooner...close quote

- Alicia Gutierrez

Palace Royale Family Member

Caferino Mendez

open quoteBefore my mom moved to The Palace, she lived alone with an aide. Mom would be seated in front of the television where she would be served three meals. That was no life. As much as adult children want to care for their parents, they have to realize they don't have the specialized training to provide for all their needs. At The Palace, they know how to do everything to make mom's life more fulfilling & stimulating. She is so happy and so am I. I wish I would have moved her sooner...close quote

- Ceferino 'Pookie' Mendez

Palace Renaissance Family Member

Dean and Kristy Klevan

open quoteWe researched senior living communities in the area before our parents moved to The Palace. This was by far the best place we found. The ambiance at The Palace Suites is comparable to the Ritz Carlton. The owners, Jacob and Helen Shaham, are very involved with the day-to-day operations at the community and genuinely care about the experiences residents have at The Palace. With so many public companies running Senior Living communities, it is nice to know the owners of The Palace are here for us.close quote

- Dean and Christy Klevan

Palace Royale Family Members

michael and Martha Backer

open quoteChildren may feel guilty when they realize they can no longer care for their parents on their own. The Palace made this overwhelming experience a seamless transition. From orientations to support groups, The Palace's staff was always there to talk us through it. The bottom line is that they took a hard process and made it simple. Yes, their buildings are beautiful and first-class, but is is the wonderful staff that truly makes The Palace special. Our only regret is that we did not move them to The Palace sooner.close quote

- Michael and Martha Backer

Palace Renaissance Family Members

Jeanne Sands

open quoteMy son Peter (of Peter of London), sleeps better at night knowing I'm surrounded by a caring, well-trained staff at The Palace. He visits me often and enjoys the community's great food & entertainment. The Palace even provides transportation to doctors' appointments and local events. I'm able to relax and not worry about anything.close quote

- Jeanne Sands

Palace Suites Resident

Dorothy Siegel

open quoteBefore my son, Dr. Barry Siegel, chose The Palace for me, I lived alone in my condominium and became overwhelmed especially during hurricane seasons. Since moving to The Palace, I've been taken care of beautifully. I feel so safe & secure. I've formed such close friendships with my neighbors. We have so much love for each other.close quote

- Dorothy Siegel

Palace Suites Resident

Raie Spektor

open quoteAt The Palace, you're never alone. My son, Dr. Spektor, found The Palace for me and my husband. When I lost my husband six years ago, this was the best place to be - surrounded by friends. There is always a sense of togetherness. I can never leave my apartment to do just one thing; there are always so many different activities to choose from here.close quote

- Raie Spektor

Palace Suites Resident

Betty and Norman Rosenberg

open quoteWe're so happy we chose The Palace. With our maintenance-free lifestyle, we can let go of hassles of day-to-day living and do the things we want to do such as tai chi, beading and bingo. We tell our friends it's important to move here when you're still active so you can participate in all the wonderful activities.close quote

- Betty & Norman Rosenberg

Palace Suites Residents

Jeannette Sastre

open quoteRecomiendo mudarse a The Palace lo antes posible; no espere un día mas, el mañana no esta garantizado. No existe mejor momento que ahora. Me mudé aquí hace 3 anos y medio mientras que todavía podía decidir por mi misma y ha sido una de las mejores decisiones que jamás haya tomado.close quote
Translation:open quoteI recommend moving to The Palace as soon as possible; tomorrow is not guaranteed, so don't wait a day longer. There is no better time than now. I moved here 3 and half years ago, while I could still choose what to do for myself and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.close quote

- Jeannette Sastre

Palace Suites Resident

Joseph De Armas

open quoteThe Palace es el lugar perfecto para disfrutar de mi retiro. Tengo mucho para escoger aquí... desde transportación a diferentes lugares religiosos, a un sinfín de variedades de exquisitas comidas servidas en el comedor, y fabulosas actividades y entretenimiento. No tengo preocupaciones... no cocino ni limpio. Es maravilloso vivir aquí.close quote
Translation:open quoteThe Palace is the perfect place to enjoy my retirement. There is so much to choose from here... from transportation to different religious places, to endless varieties of exquisite foods served in our dining room and fabulous activities and entertainment. I have no worries... I do not cook nor clean. It is marvelous to live here.close quote

- Joseph R. De Armas

Palace Suites Resident

Alicia Botero

open quoteMe mudé a The Palace hace 2 meses después de visitar varias comunidades de retiro en Miami. Este ese el mejor lugar en el país entero en el que uno puede llamarle un hogar. Hay tanto que hacer aquí. Mi familia sabe que no estoy disponible entre las horas de 4:30 - 8:00 p.m. porque estoy ocupada disfrutando de las muchas actividades, programas y salidas. Ellos no se preocupan; ellos saben que estoy en buenas manos. Estoy muy feliz de haberme mudado aquí.close quote
Translation:open quote I moved to The Palace after 2 months of visiting different retirement communities in Miami. This is the best place in the whole country where one can truly call it home. There is so much to do. My family knows that I am not available between the hours of 4:30-8:00 p.m. because I am busy enjoying from the many activities, programs and outings. They do not worry about me; they know I am in good hands. I am very happy to have moved here. close quote

- Alicia Botero

Palace Suites Resident

Helio De La Torres

open quoteThe Palace tiene lo mejor de los dos mundos: la independencia de disfrutar de cada día como uno desee, con la seguridad de saber que hay asistencia disponible. Por no tener que preocuparme por reparaciones ni mantenimiento diario, he podido volver a descubrir mi amor por el arte. ¡Hasta mis pinturas fueron expuestas en la Exhibición de Arte efectuada en el Palace Suites. Ojala me hubiese mudado aquí antes.close quote
Translation:open quote The Palace has the best of both worlds: the independence to enjoy each day as I wish, with the security of knowing that assistance is available. For not having to worry about repairs and daily maintenance, I have been able to experience again my love for art. My paintings were even displayed in The Palace Suites Annual Art Exhibition! I wish I would have moved here sooner.close quote

- Helio De La Torre

Palace Suites Resident