b'From: Ruby RamosSent: Tuesday, April 28, 2020 1:06 PMTo: Gabriel Garrido Gabriel@thepalaceus.com;Melissa Correa MelissaC@thepalaceus.comSubject: MarcelaGood Afternoon,I hope this email \x1d nds you both healthy. I know that the last six weeks have been a very trying for us all.I know how hard you both work to maintain \x1fe Palace Suites a Healthy and Happy place at this time of Covid19. I wanted to share this with you both.\x1fis past Sunday, Cotty ran out of my moms cough medicine. Since you are in locked down, Cotty could not go and get it. I called the receptionist who put me in touch with Marcela. Immediately, Marcela took it upon herself to tell me not to worry. Just to text her the picture of the cough medicine. Less than two hours Cotty had the cough medicine for my mom. I always knew that Marcela was an outstanding member of \x1fe Palace Suites because of the way she interacts with the residents and us. But her outstanding take charge/ sensitivity in this matter was so helpful! And Im, so grateful!It is all because of the two of you!Leadership and kindness trickles down.Just wanted you both to know this.Stay healthy and will get through this,Ruby Ramos'