b'From: Tina August Sent: \x1fursday, March 5, 2020 3:18 PMTo: Ricardo Martinez Ricardo@thepalaceus.com;Patricia de Varona pdevarona@thepalaceus.comSubject: Sincerest thank to everyone at \x1fe Palace RoyaleDear Patricia and Ricardo,From: Renee Marc Sincerest thanks to both of you, and all of the sta\x1c , at \x1fe Palace Royale, for Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 the compassionate and outstanding care you provide for the residents.I feel To: Manuel Alviarez so much better when I receive noti\x1d cations from you, about the protocol and Manny@thepalaceus.com; safeguards in place, to protect my aunt, Mickey Gittelson, and all of the other Anthony Costas Anthony@thepalaceus.com; residents, whether its from the Coronavirus, \x1e u, or a hurricane.Family and Ashlea Fenner ashlea@thepalaceus.com friends do no one any favors when they visit, and arent healthy enough to be doing so.Your bringing awareness to them about necessary precautions is Subject: Alvin Rubenstein hopefully preventing many of our loved ones from being exposed to germs their weakened immune systems cannot \x1d ght.Manny, Anthony, LeaI know these are very di\x1bcult times for you, and wanted you to know how I wanted to thank you and everyone else for helping to celebrate my fathersvery much youre appreciated for all of the extra work this creates.\x1fanks a birthday today. While these are challenging times (and a challengingmillion!resident!!) I know he really enjoyed and appreciated the e\x1c ort all of you and everyone else gave in helping him celebrate this milestone. Most sincerely,Another example of the extra e\x1c ort the sta\x1cmakes in making the residentsTina August andfeel welcomed and comfortable!! the rest of the Gittelson familyOn behalf of my siblings, please pass along our gratitude to everyone on your sta\x1c s who participated in this celebration.Once things settle down (and were not in lockdown) I would like to thank everybody personally.Marc'