b"From: Edwin From: IleanaSent: Sunday, April 12, 2020 6:50 PMSent: Wednesday, May 6, 2020 To: Helen Shaham Helen@thepalaceus.comTo: Jennifer Almodovar jennifera@thepalaceus.com Cc: Alexandra Urdaneta Alexandra@thepalaceus.com;Subject: RE: Mother's Day Festivities Adrian Cabrera Adrian@thepalaceus.com;Viviana Urena Simoes viviana@thepalaceus.com;Jennifer, Giulia Covella Giulia@thepalaceus.comWith all thats going on in the media about Homes, Id just like to take thisSubject: I AM OVERWHELMED WITH GRATITUDE & FEELING opportunity to thank you and your entire sta\x1cfor the wonderful job youre doingBLESSED TO COUNT WITH THE PALACE GARDENS FAMILYprotecting your residents from an enemy that is just about impossible to keep out.Good afternoon Helen:My thanks go out to your sta\x1c , they are the truly unsung heroes that also putHe is Risen! Happy Easter everyone! Wishing all blessings and wishes for their lives & those of their families on the line every day. God bless you all. Canthealth and peace during this unprecedented events worldwide.speak for all nursing facilities but this one has my undying gratitude.Sincerely, On behalf of my entire family, we want to express our gratitude to all the sta\x1cmembers at \x1fe Palace Gardens. \x1fey had been of much help with us, Ileana Martinez de Castro reinventing ways to communicate with our loves ones.Happened to be that back to back months, February and March, we have two loves ones in your facility at Homestead, Gilberto Cabrera and Nelly Cedo .Starting with security guys at the front gate, receptionists, administration, nurses, chefs, maintenance & cleaning personnel, and everyone in between, we want to recognize the above and beyond assistance, love, and compassion of some of your people:Viviana, Giulia, Alexandra & Adrian. \x1fey are constantly emailing, texting, facetiming, and checking on us so we can communicate properly with our loves ones. It is really a very kind gesture.Hope this ends as soon as possible, so we can all be safe and start visiting our loves again.Sincerely,Edwin & Nilmari Cabrera & Family"