b'From: Marsha Fishkin From: Tina AugustDate: May 19, 2020 at 3:24:33 PM EDT Date: May 20, 2020 at 10:06:43 PM EDTTo: helen@thepalace.org To: Patricia de Varona pdevarona@thepalaceus.com,Subject: Compliments to the sta\x1c ! Ricardo Martinez Ricardo@thepalaceus.comDear Helen, Subject: A million thanks!I have a question! Dear Patricia and Ricardo,How in the world did you and Jacob manage toKnowing how much e\x1c ort, time and TLC, you, and the entire sta\x1cat \x1fe Palace Royale, are assemble this most spectacular sta\x1cemployed at putting in, its only right that I thank you all again and again, for everything you continue to do \x1fe Palace Coral Gables? for those of us with loved ones there.Aside from your usual long days caring for the residents, and remarkably, keeping them safe from the Corona virus, I know its not easy to also be \x1fis is a group of dedicated and consistently pleasant people.happy to come to work to do their jobsdealing with families.Your ongoing communications help put us at ease.\x1fese unprecedentedeveryday and totally responsive to our individual needs. challenges seem insurmountable, yet you all continue to provide the safest, most wonderful environment, and manage to celebrate holidays, too.You are all amazing, fabulous super We sincerely appreciate the heads of all the departments who have a real team attitude and workhumans, with energy and caring that is unsurpassed!tirelessly to bring the very best service to all the residents. \x1fis can do approach is a re\x1e ection of dedication to \x1fe Palace, as exempli\x1d ed by all those who are employed here. Realizing that all of you are also rising to challenges at home, there really isnt any way we can adequately thank you for all of your e\x1c orts at \x1fe Palace.\x1fe smiling photo of Mickey, taken at We send our sincerest appreciation to JOSH CABRERA and the teams reporting to him, especiallythe Mothers Day festivities, means the world to our family.You all go above and beyond, and the these fantastic leaders: fact that everyone has remained Covid-free is a testament to you and all of the sta\x1c .ASHLEA FENNERAKEEM TABOAS Aside from speaking from our hearts, for all of ANTHONY COSTASOSCAR GUERRA Mickey Gittelsons family, Im sure I speak for the ZAK POLANIPAM PARKER families and friends of all of your other residents.\x1fank you doesnt seem enough for giving us MANNY ALVIAREZ LUCY LASPRILLA JULIO LOPEZ OMAR MICHEL such peace of mind, and for the knowledge that our loved ones couldnt be in better hands, or at During this most di\x1bcult time in our country and throughout the world, our \x1d rst concern is to bea better place.Please share our sincerest thanks safe and secure. \x1fat is exactly how we feel here at our Palace home. and gratitude with everyone.\x1fanks to you and Jacob, fondly, Most sincerely, Marsha & Steven FishkinHappy residents Tina August'